ES120 Diathermi

Vennligst velg

Diatermiunit som kan brukes med bipolart utstyr. 

En kompakt løsning for spesialist praksis.


ES120 is an electrosurgical device which useshigh-frequency current flow to cut and coagulateskin lesions.

The device is perfectly suited for dermatology,cosmetic procedures and dermatosurgicalprocedures.

Small size of the device and its aestheticappearance, combined with reliability and easeof use ensure the highest comfort of work.

The internal test of the device and connectedaccessories, as well as the neutral electrodeconnection control system guarantee maximumsafety for the user and the patient.


Applications in dermatology:

• teleangiectasia

• unnecessary hair removal

• viral, seborrhoeic, flat verrucae

• molluscum contagiosum

• spider naevi• fibromas

• atheromas• miliums

• sample taking for tests

• other skin lesions


Advantages of the ES120 device:  

• aesthetic design and small size  

• effective and rapid operation  

• precision  

• low costs of use  

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