portoVista unit

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portoVista – Compact Unit in Solid Accomplishment

Ergonomics by modern aesthetic, functionality caused byinnovative technology as well as a captivating priceperformanceration – portoVista stands for a modernworkplace.

The modular construction allows an infinite number ofoptions, and innovative electronics enables comingmodules to be implemented even more.

In connection with its durable mechanics, this indestructibleand at the same time upgradeble refraction unitliterally opens up new vistas.

Providing an arbitrary design which always fits into theexisting or planned practice interior, portoVista pro-videsinfinite opportunities in technics an accomplishment...

The cable dragchain is integrated without surchargeinto the equipment table. It unites high-qualityDesign and functional security of the additionallydeployable equipment cables.

The optionally available shaft tray is equipped withswitchable contacts. During the use of the handheldequipment the tension is switched onautomatically and the interior light is dimmed on apleasant brightness. Beyond that the equipment

The keyboard "MCT-15" can be user-friendlyintegrated into the desk or installed at therefraction unit. The optionally available keyboard"MCT-22" makes an extended operation possible.

technical specifications

Breite / width: 1006 mm

Höhe / height: 857 mmTiefe / depth: 575 mm

Gewicht / weight: 210-270 kg

Nenneingangsspannung / nominal input voltage: 110-240V, 50-60Hz

Schutzanforderung / protection requirements: EMVG DIN EN 60601-1-2

Schutzklasse / protection class: MPG 1

Schutzart / protection type: IP 20

Leistungsaufnahme / power input: max. 1450W

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