Elektro cautery

Vennligst velg

FIAB HTC is a sterile bipolar battery operated disposabledevice for the cauterization of small vessels. It is used insteadof a “kit” electrosurgery unit / cable / coagulation forceps. HTCis supplied either with a fine or a large tip. The fine tip permitsthe cauterization of very small vessels. HTC reaches amaximum working temperature of 1.200°C (2.200 °F). It canbe used in gynaecology, cardiology, thoracic andcardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic,otolaryngology, urology, plastic and reconstructive surgery,etc. HTC is suitable to be used all the times a quick andprecise cauterization is necessary.


Maksimal temperatur, 1200 C.

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